My First Blog Post- Introduction

My First Blog Post – it is the beginning of my blogging journey. I am very glad to introduce myself to you people.

Hello Friends Welcome to Civilers Edge..

Introduction 1
My First Blog Post Introduction

Introduction to Myself

Mukund Kulkarni here. I am a Civil Engineer by profession. I am born and brought up in a city in Maharashtra. Studied Civil Engineering and started working as a trainee engineer under a reputed builder.

I had the opportunity to work with many reputed companies for the last Twenty Years. I had many ups and downs throughout my carrier but they never affected my ability to learn and try new things. I had met wonderful people throughout my carrier who influenced me one or the other way.

Everything was going very smoothly and then the whole world struck with this Pandemic called CORONA!!! and suddenly my world became upside down. I lost my Job, lost most dear ones and slowly my financial sources started vanishing. I tried my best to find a new job, but the situation is not favorable due to the Pandemic. But the show must go on.

Working Independently

I decided to use my civil engineering experience and started my own firm and work independently. I am lucky enough to get a couple of projects the moment I started my firm. But again, things didn’t work due to CORONA. The projects never started.  I was shattered initially. Felt like nowhere to go. But, I refused to give up. And got the opportunity in a Civil Engineering Institute to teach an online video course for students. The institute launched my video course and I got a good response from students.

YouTube Journey before My first blog post.

This course paved the path to my digital journey. I started my YOUTUBE CHANNEL “Knowledge Hub”. This was my best decision and I started enjoying the work. My friends and family supported me and also got a good response from the audience. This was a positive change in my professional carrier and I enjoyed the work like never before. It was like ready steady go for me..

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Quality Management System in Construction

Ready Steady Go
Ready Steady Go

Why did I choose Blogging?

Along with Youtube, I was attracted to blogging. The idea of starting my Blogging journey grew more and more over time. So here is my first blog.

My First Blog Post-Introduction
My first Blog Post

My main reason behind writing this blog is to help the newly graduated civil engineers to gain practical knowledge of the construction work. My experience taught me that, at your job, the theoretical knowledge that we have gained at our school and college will not help us much. You will get the actual knowledge unless your hands get dirty at the construction site. You have to prepare the BBS (bar bending schedule), and quantity estimation of construction materials. You have to prepare a plan and blueprint for the building. In short, you have to prove your ability through your practical knowledge and problem-solving capacity. At my time I was unaware of the digital world and the benefits it offers. But you are lucky, you have access to so many bloggers and their posts to sharpen your skills. I promise you, people, through this post, that I will create a useful post regularly.

What can you expect from this Blog?

At this blog, you will be made aware of the following things.

  • All practical knowledge related to construction will be available here in the simplest language.
  • Technical knowledge related to construction in simple language.
  • Simple videos and links to explain the important work concepts.
  • Tendering & contract related knowledge in simple words
  • Individual queries will be solved.
  • This is my first post on this blog and I really believe we will get benefited from this network.

My Inspiration

Before posting the actual civil engineering posts, I decided to start my blogging journey by paying tribute to Bharat Ratna Sir Mokshagundam Srinivasa Shastry Visveswaraya, An Excellent Statesman, and Eminent Engineer. His birthday, 15 September, is celebrated as Engineers’ Day in India. I want to mention his famous quote “To give real service you must add something that cannot be bought & measured with money.”

Sir. 2BM
My First Blog Post Introduction

I have decided to follow his path or words mentioned above in my Professional career.
I have more than 20 years of professional experience in the construction industry. And have worked with builders, contractors & consultants. My blog is the summary of my professional experiences and learnings. I have decided to write on the technical & practical knowledge, experiences of my career. As you all know learning is a continuous process. I enjoyed and learned a lot from working on sites. Each and every project I worked was a great opportunity and sound platform for my learning desire.

Civil engineering is a professional engineering discipline that deals with the design, construction, and maintenance of the physical and naturally built environment. I will discuss the role of civil engineer in different departments like surveying, execution, planning, billing, quantity surveying, tendering, estimation, contracts, coordination. The roles & responsibilities of civil engineers are different for contractor side, consultant side, client side.


Let us explore the vast world of Civil Engineering in my upcoming Blog Posts. I am sure my posts are going to benefit many civil engineering students as well as professionals working as civil engineers.

Luckily my firm is also getting civil work such as renovation and repairing. This is another opportunity for me to implement my practical knowledge over the years. Quality & Good Services are the two most important factors in business. I am trying my best to provide those to my clients.

I hope you are going to like my posts and encourage me by following and sharing my posts.

See you soon with my new post..

Take care..


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